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Personnel records Outsourcing

Proper registration of labor relations with employees and HR administration are indispensable functions of any organization. However, not all companies can afford hiring the employee with the proper qualifications.

Often it is more efficient to delegate personnel records auditing, preparation and keeping to the professionals who will take into account your business speciality.

Skagen provides the following services related to staff records management:

  • Audit of staff records
  • Complete organization of staff records management
  • Recovery of personnel documentation
  • Drafting and adaptation of local regulations
  • Keeping staff records
  • Advice on staff records management and labor legislation

You require HR records outsoursing, if your objective is one of the following:

  • Professional management of personnel records
  • minimization of labour disputes risks
  • reduction of the Personnel Department duties in the company
  • reduction of non-core functions costs
  • transparency, clarity and consistency of personnel procedures

Having signed the contract for outsourcing of personnel records with us, you insure yourself against risks associated with violation of labor legislation. Even if there are any errors detected in personnel documents made by our specialists, we will refund you all costs, while regular Personnel Inspector will not undertake any material responsibility.

Outsource your choice of specialists to professionals!