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Outstaffing Services

Outstaffing allows one to out staff some of the customer’s employees and to employ them by Skagen. Skagen undertakes obligations of the employer while the employees themselves continue working at the same place and perform their duties. Our obligations include payroll, tax and HR administration. Employees can be selected by the customer or by Skagen, depending on client’s preference.

The package of services provided to the customer includes:

  • salary calculation and payment;
  • calculation and payment annual leave and temporary disability benefits;
  • taxes calculation and transfer them to the funds established by law;
  • complete HR administration;
  • Issue of certificates and certified copies of documents to employees;
  • compulsory health insurance for employees;
  • submission of quarterly and annual reports to the funds established by law.

We may provide addition services:

  • additional medical insurance for employees;
  • paid lunches;
  • business trips registration;
  • training registration.

Skagen has been providing outstaffing services since 2005.With the experience and knowledge gained during this time we provide the most efficient services to the customer, making outstaffing more convenient and profitable.

The main advantages of personnel outstaffing:

  • reduced load for the Personnel and Accounting Departments;
  • possibility of reducing the number of employees (with a limited staff or budget);
  • customer can focus on main business activities by outstaffing administrative and technical workers;
  • an opportunity to “test” employees before hiring them;
  • customer does not undertake any risks associated with labor disputes.

Skagen ensures compliance with labor legislation.

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