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Recruitment Services

Recruitment is one of the main business areas for Skagen. We offer our clients professional assistance in search and selection of staff of all levels in different businesses.

Vast experience enabled us to identify the most effective recruitment technologies . We consider the company to be a single organism where any interference may cause complex changes. According to this we provide not only selection of a qualified staff member, but a staff member who can work effectively in this very team. Before working with a vacancy, our consultants must gather information about the customer company, its basic values and goals, management style, motivation policy and corporate culture.

The recruitment process involves the following stages:

  • after receiving a job vacancy, our specialist contacts the client to discuss the job description and conclude the contract;
  • qualified candidates are searched using various information sources;
  • the professional consultant conducts interviews with selected candidates and assesses their compliance with the client’s requirements;
  • CVs of the most suitable candidates as well as comments made by our specialist are sent to the representative of the client and, in case of a favourable decision, the meeting is arranged;
  • at the client’s request additional information is collected about the candidates: references, copies of diplomas and certificates, etc.;
  • When the final candidate is selected, our consultant will help make a job offer;
  • we will keep in touch with the customer and the employed candidate and we are willing to help, if it is necessary.

Skagen undertakes the responsibility to replace the candidates who have failed their probationary period due to their non-compliance with the client’s requirements. The employee is replaced if he/she has been dismissed within 90 days from the hiring date. In this case, the effect of the warranty shall be suspended for the period of search and resumes when a new candidate starts the job.

The cost of recruitment is determined individually and depends on the complexity of the vacancy and the time period required for its filling. The base rate is the average monthly income estimated for the vacant position. We are working without any upfront payment, all settlements are made after new employee starts the job.

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